Metering Pumps

iPump is an authorized distributor for all Metering Pumps manufactured by Iwaki America. We bring value to all our customers with our expertise in pump selection, pricing, and superior product lines.

Iwaki America

Iwaki offers a wide range of metering pumps to satisfy a variety of chemical feed requirements. Iwaki strives to continuously design and manufacture high quality pumps. The quality and performance of the product has been proven with over 50 years of experience. Mechanically-driven diaphragm metering pumps are available for general purpose; electromagnetic metering pumps with excellent controllability and accuracy fit smaller applications.


Flow Range: 38mL/min – 114 GPM


Pressure Range: 29 PSI – 290 PSI

Strokes per Minute

SPM Range: 140 SPM – 720 SPM

Metering Pumps

HRP Series

Max Flow: 38 mL/min

Max Pressure: 29 PSI

Strokes per minute: 720 SPM

EJ Series

Max Flow: 3.2 GPH

Max Pressure: 175 PSI

Strokes per minute: 360 SPM

HV Series

Max Flow: 4.0 GPH

Max Pressure: 73 PSI

Strokes per minute: 240 SPM

EZ Series

Max Flow: 6.3 GPH

Max Pressure: 150 PSI

Strokes per minute: 360 SPM

EWN Series

Max Flow: 6.7 GPH

Max Pressure: 290 PSI

Strokes per minute: 360 SPM

EHE Series

Max Flow: 20 GPH

Max Pressure: 150 PSI

Strokes per minute: 360 SPM

LKN Series

Max Flow: 114 GPH

Max Pressure: 225 PSI

Strokes per minute: 116 SPM

IX Series

Max Flow: 80 GPH

Max Pressure: 250 PSI

Strokes per minute: 140 SPM

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