Multi-Stage Pumps

iPump is an authorized distributor for all Multi-Stage pumps manufactured by Goulds Water Technology. We bring value to all our customers with our expertise in pump selection, pricing, and superior product lines.

Goulds Water Technology

Goulds Pumps combines over 155 years of pump experience with the most modern design and manufacturing systems — deep drawn metal fabrication, laser cutting, laser welding, precision casting, and worldwide design systems —plus a total commitment to quality based on full performance testing of every pump we make.

Typical Industries

Water Utilities & Transferring

Commercial Building Services

General Industries

Power Generation


OEM Industrial

Maximum Flow

2600 GPM

Maximum Pressure

3100 feet

Goulds Pumps

e-SV Series

Max Flow: 725 GPM

Max Head: 1200 feet

e-HM Series

Max Flow: 130 GPM

Max Head: 710 feet

GB Booster Series

Max Flow: 43 GPM

Max Head: 600 feet

45HB-70HB Series

Max Flow: 100 GPM

Max Head: 760 feet

e-MP Series

Max Flow: 2600 GPM

Max Head: 3100 feet

MPVN Series

Max Flow: 1500 GPM

Max Head: 1640 feet

HSC Series

Max Flow: 50 GPM

Max Head: 230 feet

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