Sealed & Sealless Pumps

iPump is an authorized distributor for all Sealless & Sealed pumps manufactured by Finish Thompson. We bring value to all our customers with our expertise in pump selection, pricing, and superior product lines. 

Finish Thompson

Established in 1951, Finish Thompson is a leading designer and manufacturer of chemical transfer pumps. Our pumps are the product of hard work by our team of skilled associates. From engineering to manufacturing, assembly and shipping, our reputation for dedication to detail and quality is known worldwide. Finish Thompson products are designed by experts in the transfer of the most corrosive fluids operating in demanding environments. They have created a line of products that are high quality, rugged and extremely reliable. All backed by a five year warranty, our outstanding reputation and world-class customer service.

Typical Industries

Water & Wastewater

Chemical Processing

Cleaning Solutions

Light Oils & Heat Transfer Liquids


Landfill Leachate

Maximum Flow

1450 GPM


316 Stainless Steel (SS), Polypropylene, and PVDF

Maximum Head

492 ft

Sealless Pumps

DB Series Plastic Mag Drive Pumps

Maximum Flow: 221 GPM 

Maximum Head: 201 ft 

Materials: Polypropylene, PVDF

MSDB Series Plastic Mag Drive Pumps

Maximum Flow: 69.8 GPM 

Maximum Head: 306.3 ft 

Materials: Polypropylene, PVDF

SP Series Self-Priming Mag Drive Pumps

Maximum Flow: 253 GPM 

Maximum Head: 175 ft 

Materials: Polypropylene, PVDF

UC Series Heavy Duty Mag Drive ANSI Pumps

Maximum Flow: 800 GPM 

Maximum Head: 500 ft 

Materials: Ductile Iron with DuPont Tefzel® (ETFE) lining

MSKC Series Multistage Mag Drive Pumps

Maximum Flow: 61 GPM 

Maximum Head: 99 ft 

Materials: Polypropylene, PVDF

Sealed Pumps

AC Series Stainless Steel Pumps

Maximum Flow: 321 GPM 

Maximum Head: 247 ft 

Materials: 316 Stainless Steel

GP Series Plastic Pumps

Maximum Flow: 201 GPM 

Maximum Head: 123 ft 

Materials: Polypropylene, PVDF

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